Social Innovation Forum 2021

Social Media | Digital Marketing


To prepare and execute a performance marketing plan aimed at driving registrations from Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, and Philippines for the virtual Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2021.

The Redhill Way

Given a 10-day runway, REDHILL conceptualized and launched an advertising campaign across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google in 4 markets that aimed to maximize website traffic to the event landing page and drive regional awareness around the event. Keeping in mind the event's strong B2B focus, we leveraged the sophisticated audience targeting features provided by each platform to ensure that only the most relevant audiences were being exposed to our content. Through constant monitoring and optimization, we were able to maintain or improve campaign performance during the campaign period.


• 2,218 event attendees, 72% of which came from SG, VT, PH and TH
• Over 12 million impressions on social content
• Over 260,000 clicks driven to the event website
• Avg CTR of 2.2% across markets
• Avg CPC of US$0.06 across markets