Festival For Good 2020

Design & Branding | Social Media | Digital Marketing


To increase awareness of and participation in raiSE's first virtual Festival For Good - Asia's largest celebration of social enterprises and the impact that they create - across social media. Also to drive visitors to the event website, encourage business participation in the event, and promote engagement with participating social enterprises.

The Redhill Way

REDHILL developed and executed a complete social media content marketing and advertising plan across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Social content was segmented by platform and audience to ensure only the most relevant content was shown, and we continuously optimized our strategy as the event happened to achieve maximum impact at all times. On the ad front, we employed a mix of prospecting and remarketing campaigns to consistently reached new audiences and encourage older audiences to return. This, coupled with frequent creative refreshes, ensured that our ad content remained engaging, resulting in increased spend efficiency and performance.


Over a period of 6 weeks:
• 41,000+ visitors to the event website via social media
• 6.5 million+ impressions on social content
• 22% increase in online sales for participating social enterprises
• 283 social media posts