Redhill launches Metaverse offering with Pixel Canvas

18 Oct 2022

Pixel Canvas’s photorealistic, browser-based 3D metaverse platform elevates Redhill’s capabilities to deliver interactive and immersive brand experiences and drive user engagement for its clients in the Web3 era

SINGAPORE, 18 October 2022 – Redhill, one of the fastest-growing full-service global communications agencies, announced its partnership with Pixel Canvas, a leading US-based enterprise metaverse platform, to deliver interactive and immersive brand experiences for its clients and brands in the Metaverse. With an aim to transform customer experience and deliver real business outcomes, Redhill will leverage Pixel Canvas’s platform and technologies into brand campaigns and communications strategies – adding a new dimension to omni-channel storytelling for clients.

“The Metaverse is a fast-evolving digital environment that could fundamentally transform how brands interact with their customers and communities at large. We’re already beginning to see the Metaverse open up many new opportunities for brands. Through our collaboration with Pixel Canvas, our Metaverse offering is designed to help our clients understand and capitalise on this next massive wave disrupting businesses and industries and arming them with the strategies and technologies they need to fully capitalise on these new virtual worlds. Through using rich programming, connected animation, and gamification, we will enable our clients to create immersive brand experiences through organising experiential conferences, events, client presentations, and product launches to drive enhanced user engagement,” said Jacob Puthenparambil, Founder and CEO of Redhill.

Formerly an award-winning virtual reality (VR) game company, Pixel Canvas began designing and delivering 3D virtual event prototypes to Fortune 500 companies such as Verizon and WarnerMedia. As interest in the metaverse rose and demand grew for immersive and visually appealing virtual experiences, Pixel Canvas pivoted to developing a full platform capable of delivering enterprise-grade metaverse experiences that were highly customisable, scalable, interactive, and accessible.

Pixel Canvas’s platform is powered by Unreal Engine 5 – touted as the world’s most advanced real-time 3D creation tool for photorealistic visuals and immersive experiences – resulting in life like experiences that invite better immersion and engagement than existing metaverses. To date, Pixel Canvas’s library containsover 25 templated environments, 30 minigames and five escape rooms that can all be fully reskinned to meet a brand’s needs, complemented by a full set of networking features such as video and text chat, livestreaming and more. Advanced custom builds are also available on demand. Additionally, these experiences are cloud-rendered for scalability and browser-based to be accessible by any connected device.

One of Pixel Canvas’ most notable projects to date is ‘Unlockverse’, a virtual mall experience built for Unlock Venture Partners. Users could visit each of the venture capital (VC) firm’s portfolio companies in their own virtual space and view product images and company information, as well as watch real-time discussions and have live chats with staff. Another example is Criteo Island, a 3D island created for a four-day virtual metaverse event that saw over 4,000 concurrent users worldwide playing virtual games, navigating escape rooms and spending over 20,968 hours on the site, livestreams, and video chats.

“Through our partnership with Redhill, our companies will be able to deliver best-in-class immersive experiences to transform how brands connect, collaborate, and communicate in a fully realized metaverse. With our photorealistic technology and gamified touchpoints, we can build deeply engaging experiences where users can interact with brands in entertaining ways, as well as where brands can use engagement data to inform sales and marketing strategies. Our platform has been thoroughly battle-tested by Fortune 500 companies, and we look forward to working with Redhill to explore creative opportunities in the fast-growing Asia-Pacific region,” said Joey Lee, Founder and CEO of Pixel Canvas.

Metaverse experiences for brands represent the most recent addition to Redhill’s ever-expanding portfolio of diverse end-to-end communications services. This year, the global agency has launched a slew of new service offerings. Most recently, Redhill acquired Singapore-based Vision Strategy Storytelling (“VS Story”) as part of the agency’s efforts to further strengthen its sustainability offerings, providing creative visual storytelling solutions centred around social impact and sustainability for the agency and its clients. Earlier this year, Redhill established a new creative technology and design unit – Redhill Studio – that offers creative design, video and podcast production, and website and web application development. This is in addition to Redhill providing the entire suite of end-to-end integrated communications solutions, including strategic counsel for public relations, digital narratives, crisis management, marketing, internal communications, and branding across industries and sectors.